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Grooming 101 with Ruff and Meow Professional Cat and Dog Grooming Tools, Plus Brush Selection


Drafted By Craig Gosselin



  • Bathing the dog, cat,  horse or show animal before grooming helps loosen the hair and begins the grooming/ deshedding process.
  • Use of a conditioner smooths the brushing.
  • Using different types of brushes and tools achieves the entire process of deshedding. 
  • The use of a conditioning spray as a brush lubricant works out snags
  • Long strokes from neck to tail followed by changing locations frequently is very important.
  • Treats for the animal can build an experience that the pet looks forward to over and over again.
  • Trimming Nails is just another grooming task
  • Practice cutting nails on small wood dowels or tooth picks

Brush Selection Summary

  • The Slicker Brush is the most popular tool in most grooming kits
  • The metal grooming comb makes face and head  tasks easier and pleasant to the pet
  • Thick haired pets will produce under coat. The Rack type tool is a must
  • A grooming glove is a multi purpose tool that can help get a hard to groom pet wanting the experience of a brushing



Ruff and Meow Brushes to include the RMglovePro, RMslickPro and RMdeshedPro Brush find new meaning in clearing out the dead fur when applied to a bathed pet.

    We know that de-shedding and de-matting can cause your pet some extremely uncomfortable moments. We have a few furry kids that frown if they see the grooming tool kit. Good practices make the grooming process less a chore and less a struggle.

   The dog (or cat) should be bathed and stroked with the shampoo lather. Use RMglovePro (Ruff and Meow grooming glove) in the direction of the coat. Rinse and stroke the hair with the fine silicone bristles on the grooming glove which will help remove clumps of undercoat.

   Apply a detangling rinse agent to the hair. We use  “Mane and Tail Detangler”. This helps us break down the matting which causes snags in the fur during de-shedding. Snags will irritate your pet and we are all about comfortable and gentle experience.

   Dry the hair thoroughly with a towel or several towels and start  brushing immediately  with your Ruff and Meow RMdeshedPro, the deshedding brush.

Part 2 The Brush

Switch to the RMdeshedPro and work again front to rear in long gentle strokes. You get a nice smooth coat by deshedding in the natural direction of the coat. The deshedding brush will give a deep smooth cut so work slowly and feel for any undercoat snags. Work out snags as they are felt with short gentle strokes as I have described earlier. Return to  long strokes and clear the brush of the hair ball between strokes. Change locations on the pets’s body every two strokes as to not irritate the pet. The RMdeshedPro has a double set of cutters, course side and medium cutting side. The blades are protected from gouging the pets skin by hiding the cutter edge with the curled comb design. The stroke can be very deep and I highly suggest that you take a more gentle approach in the beginning. Feel with the brush stroke for the areas giving you resistance.


I like to use the RMcombPro to work one small area where the snag has formed and spray a little conditioner in that area. The RMcombPro can be the best tool around the face and ears. It is small and has much more personal control than a bigger brush. When the snag is gone go back to the RMdeshedPro.

As with all our grooming we develop a sense with each animal as to how much fur will be coming off the animal. By bathing and early brushing we can have a full idea of the expectation of how much fur will come off during the session.  



KEEPING IT CLEAN …..We do not move around the house while working on our pets. Work in an area that you can easily clean. One brush session can leave you with a pile of clumped fur that can fill a pillow case. If you have a thick coated pal, you will be cleaning the area where you work. I always setup a shop vacuum with the purpose of cleaning the area after I am done grooming. 

A pet has a short concentration span; work with patience and build into the session with them. If you start working gently and with short sessions you will find that your furry pal will begin to enjoy the grooming session more and more. Work for a few moments with a new candidate and give them a little treat. Work a bit and give them another treat. Make the grooming time a special bond between you and your pet and they will really look forward to another session. I can say that we have groomed many dogs and cats….when done properly… you will  need show your grooming kit and they come running to join you.  Hundreds of wagging tails have been on my grooming table. (See our nail clipping advise too)


The RMglovePro is a favorite tool at Ruff and Meow. The brush experience is controlled by you and how you stroke the pet. The soft silicone nubs on the brush pad can massage gently an area of the pet that might have great tension, like an area of hip dysplasia or arthritis. 

The back side of the glove has a gray wash pad. The pad is used for applying thew soapy water and lather. As with all the process we are following in pet grooming. We wash with the direction of the coat. Use the glove to push the soap into the coat and to open the coat during rinsing to get the soap out of the deeper fur. The process will help move loose hair out of the undercoat and allow for a great deshedding experience.

By bathing twice a month and brushing regularly the pet will have a great coat with strong roots. The RMglovePro is our favorite light duty brushing tool.


The RMcombPro is our go to tool for face, ears and small area work. It allows you to have the greatest control over the groom process but cannot handle large task work, comfortably. The work it can handle is the areas where the pet can experience the most irritation. The definition that we offer the two sided stainless comb is, AMAZING.

Our groom kit could never be complete without the comb.


The RMslickPro is one of the most awesome slicker brushes you will ever find on the market. Like all slickers, it has wire bristles. The rolled body of our RMslickPro offers a best in all worlds. The angle of control when making your stroke through the fur is near purrrrfect with this brush. It is almost as if you cannot miss the stroke. But none of this is the most fantastic feature to mention. The RMslickPro is self cleaning. YES…. the button on the back side of the brush in the picture above offers the key feature. Push the button and the bristles retract into the brush and the trapped fur just falls off into your hand. No More getting stabbed to remove the fur from the bristles.

What else can we say… Our brush ROCKS! 

The RMdeshedPro is among the best de-shedding brushes that we offer. Like all slickers, it has wire bristles. The rolled body of our RMslickPro offers a best in all worlds. The angle of control when making your stroke through the fur is near purrrrfect with this brush. It is almost as if you cannot miss the stroke. But none of this is the most fantastic feature to mention. The RMslickPro is self cleaning. YES…. the button on the back side of the brush in the picture above offers the key feature. Push the button and the bristles retract into the brush and the trapped fur just falls off into your hand. No More getting stabbed to remove the fur from the bristles.

What else can we say… Our brush ROCKS! 

Limited Lifetime Warranty

WHAT….you get a Life Time Promise from Ruff and Meow that the tools will be there for your use OR we will replace them if they fail under normal conditions.

Part 3 Nail Clipping

Scissor Clippers 

Also called Miller’s Forge Trimmers, this type of dog clippers works like scissors and is preferable for large dogs, whose bigger, thicker nails need the extra force the construction of these clippers provide. The RMclipPro clippers are exactly this  style.

Guillotine Clippers 

These clippers work, as the name suggests, like a guillotine. Simply stick the end of your dog’s nail in the hole and squeeze. A blade is lowered, gently slicing off the end of the nail. Ruff and Meow does not have this style clipper available at this time.


Grinder Tools

Pedi Paws might be the most well-known version of this type of tool, thanks to its television infomercials. It works by grinding down the nail instead of clipping, which can be helpful for large dogs with thick nails as well as dogs who hate the feeling of the clippers. Note: Training may be necessary to get your pet used to the vibrating sensation of this device, and the grinding process takes a bit longer than the clipping process, so patience (from you and your pet) is required.

Cut tip only from bottom of nail

Gather your tools.

Part 1 Preparing to Clip Your Dog’s Nails
  1. Choose a pair of nail clippers. You have a couple of options. …
  2. Gather other supplies. Have a styptic powder ready to stop the bleeding if you accidentally cut the nail too short and into the quick. …
  3. Choose the right time. …
  4. Keep your dog calm.
  5. No one at Ruff and Meow is allowed to cut nails until they get familiar with the cutters
  6. Practice cutting little wooden dowels or tooth picks first

A reward for a nail clipping session is a great idea

Clip from bottom of nail to top

We use a powder type styptic powder should a nail lead to bleeding. Styptic clots blood. Place powder on your palm and lay bleeding nail into palm to get styptic on nail area.


Slicker Brush

This type of brush works with all coat types. It has a flat or curved head with rows of thin wire bristles. This brush works the coat to remove loose fur and help detangle and bring matting up to the top of the fur. This brush is about the most universal type brush and if you were buying only one brush….we recommend the slicker for a pet with medium to thick fur.

The RMslickPro is a special type of slicker called a “Self Cleaning” slicker. It has a click and lock button on the brush that withdraws the bristles into the brush and lets the collected fur ball to easily come off the brush without stabbing your fingers on the tips of the bristles. This adds a bonus to this awesome brush.


The Rake Type Brush

A great brush for dogs with medium and thick coats who shed and form matting in the undercoat. Undercoat rakes have just one row of metal prongs the look like a rake. These prongs reach through the top coat deep into the fur to remove dead fur from the dog’s undercoat. The De-Matting Rake is a more special brush designed to remove mats from a dog’s fur and are essentially a smaller version of an undercoat rake. This brush has smaller prongs that more effectively pry apart the painful and unsightly
fur mat. These brushes can also be used on cats too.

The RMdeshedPro offers both the rake and Dematting Rake tool in one. The double-sided blade is curled under to help ease the pain of both pulling matting out of the fur and the narrow side to help pull the shedding clumps out of the fur. Cats and Dogs both find this tool a purrrrrfect tool to keep their medium to long hair looking and feeling great.


Grooming Glove

The grooming glove is a multi purpose brushing tool. It is a light shed removing tool that comes with pins or with nub type bristles, mounted on a glove type nylon material that slides over the entire hand . This makes for a really useful grooming tool. You get the full power of your arm and the surface area of your hand to make the stroke. Great for loosening dirt and caked mud if your pet is a mudder and perfect for a soothing rub down. We use this glove for bathing and freshening the pet’s coat. 

The multi-purpose nature of the RMglovePro is in the fact that we have added a wash pad to the back side of the glove so slip our glove on in reverse and apply soap and conditioner to your pet and rub it into the coat during the bath. Additionally, the velour pad on the back of the glove is great for removing hair from the seats in your car or the chairs and couches in your home. WOW….a great versatile tool.

Pin Brush

Pin brushes are common in the homes of most pet owners. These brushes have small pins on the head of the wires on the brush. They are available in two
varieties – with and without rubber-tipped brush prongs. These brushes are used with dogs that have a
medium length coat. Rubber-tipped varieties of pin brushes are also great on dogs with
sensitive skin. Pin brushes generally are not very effective for dogs with short, sleek hair coats.
Pin brushes are light to medium deshedding brushes and can remove minor tangles in medium length coats. 

Bristle Brush

Bristle brushes are used on all coat types. They are available with synthetic and natural bristles. We use these type brushes for finishing. These brushes will smooth the fur and remove top coat debris. 
The bristles stimulate the skin, improve circulation and add shine to the coat.

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