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The Best Grooming Tools You Can Find….Lifetime Warranty!

  • Self Cleaning Slicker Brush (retractable stainless bristles)
  • Sure grip handle is comfortable and easy to hold
  • No more damage to your fingers to clear trapped fur from brush
  • Great tool for Cats, Dogs or Horses
  • Lifetime Warranty

Ruff and Meow RMslickPro Auto Clearing Professional Slicker Brush

Need to renew your friendship with your furry family member?

– The Ruff and Meow Professional Self Cleaning Retractable Slicker Brush is the best Slicker brush in its class. 
– Great for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and just about any furry family member that you plan on brushing. 
– This specially designed brush is called “self cleaning”.

Why Consider a Slicker Brush?

A Slicker Brush has the primary purpose of getting rid of any debris, loose hair and mats/ knots in the fur. It is highly effective at penetrating deep into the coat and removing malting. The Ruff and Meow RMslickPro is one of the true best tools in the kit for general grooming in our shop. It is the brush that any groomer would choose if we were allowed only one tool.

Benefit/Feature/Bonus Gift/Differentiator

– The back side brush head has a button that releases the bristles and they move back up into the brush head. 
– The head is curved to place your brush stroke in a more perfect alignment as you pull along the body of the pet. 
– The retracting bristles that are used to remove or clear the shed means less stabbing of your hand as you clean off hair from brush.


RMslickPro the perfect brush to use to renew that Owner and Pet Relationship

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