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Twins Take Respite at Ruff and Meow

Twin Aussie/Border Collie mix babies have found forever home at Ruff and Meow. Lacee and Jennifer are adoptees from Woodstock Animal Foundation of KY. The gals found their forever home with Kristy, Martha and I November 2017. They are going and learning their place in the pack. I must admit that they have been wonderful  The older kids in the household have finally warmed up to the high energy that two babies bring. Tail bites, leaping attacks and ambush raids are the way of the puppy. It does place a smile on my face though not every kid smiles at the intense nature of the twins. 

Mentors have stepped up, Cooper and Rachel are day supervisors. Cooper will gather toys and actively engage the twins in play. Rachel will walk the growl line and let the other kids know that she is responsible for the babies. She tows the line if friction moments occur. Thus is the way of the pack. 

The girls will have the best care that you can imagine throughout their life… as they have the best parents.


Lacee is DOT head and Jennifer is Stripe head.in 

Our love for animals, directly influences everyday life at Ruff and Meow. The company core is Kristy, Craig and Martha or should it be said that the company core is Elizabeth, Dr Ted, Betty, Grandma, Cooper, Dixon, Henry Jones, Pig Pig, Megan, Emma, Simone, Harpo, Annie, Rachel, Sherlock and Harrison Jr… and NOEL….

What are we all are about? We are about our lives and our everyday interaction with our furry family.

We work…we play and every part of every moment we think FAMILY.

Ruff and Meow Five Finger People are Professional Pet People who started in the field of “pets”as pet sitters… The family started with a few furry kids (Cats and Dogs) that needed a forever home. We have 16 dogs of a variety of mixed breeds and a lovely cat that depend on us to guard them as they guard us. We do feel honored that they love us and protect us. The purrrrrfect pairing.

So when we tell you that we are PETS… we are truly living, invested in caring for and maintaining a four footed furry family. We really do test and retest our products…and we really do sell only items that have impressed us so much that we feel you too will love them. On any given day you will find a Ruff and Meow product on our person or being used by each of us as we perform our working tasks.

Ruff and Meow products line  is part of Gosselin Gourmet Products (www.gosselingourmet.com)and as a company, Gosselin Gourmet Products is about how we live better with a furry family. Life long relationships with our pets, define working smarter, which is better!

Become a Ruff and Meow product owner and start that renewed relationship with your pet using the products we offer. Excited and interacting with us by letting us know about your family relationship with your pet… use our CONTACT page to send us a note.


Craig Gosselin

Partner and RuffMeow Alpha among the children at  Ruff and Meow.

OutStanding Pet Citizens! 

Scarlet has just passed her final exam for Canine Good Citizenship. She is on her way to becoming a Therapy Dog…. WOW.  We salute the Scarlet in everyone and to this little gal …who is still a pup…..we send her a real RUFF AND MEOWWWWW!

Ruff and Meow is not all about pet grooming products. We are professional pet lovers and have a local pet sitting business in Louisville. Athena, Max and Dio are  our guests and part of the Ruff and Meow family. Here you can see how this is more than their hotel. It is the spa…the entertainment and home away from home. As with anything… when you come with an open heart to Ruff and Meow… you depart fulfilled. We love these three kids… they are family. Hope you like the video tooooo.

RUFF AND MEOW salutes our first puppy…little Hera is one of the most awesome Ruff and Meow pups to bless our page. She is already grooming with the RMslickPro. Born on June 8 of this year, Hera is now 9 weeks old.  She is a great eater and loves pork chomps.  She also loves to go for rides in the car and stare out the window.   Ten year old Riley (Hera’s five finger brother) is “in puppy love” and carries her around the house like a princess.    Hera loves to play with Riley out in the yard chasing him around and going after balls.   We are thrilled with our new family member. Celebrate Hera with Ruff and Meow….send in your photos.

Ruff and Meow celebrates Chester! Chester was rescued from a local Louisville KY shelter and is now a bundle of energy at 15 months. His favorite spot is sitting on the picnic table where he awaits for all his fur friends to pass by.  Chester’s favorite things to do are going  to doggie daycare and taking long walks where he stops and plays with his best fur friend Carmel the yellow lab.  Chester is a Ruff and Meow kid… Ruff and Meow makes time to stop and hug on the Chester’s of the planet. A big RUFFFFFFFFFFFFFF goes out to all those that give life to the furry kids.

Introducing Master OZ… a nine month old German Shepard youth that rocked our world as we did diligence in an over night with him Aug 19 2017. A big RUFFFFFFFFFFFF goes out to him for his outstanding acceptance of all the new pals in his world. Great kids are made that way by tender people…. See you again OZ…. it was our pleasure.

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