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We sniff, chew, test and rate 100% of the products that we offer.

We do it over and over.

Our four footed family: Annie, Beth, Betty, Cooper, Dixon, Emma, Dr Ted, Henry Jones, Harpo, Harrison Jr, Megan, Grandma, Noel, Pig Pig, Rachel and Simone, are the testimonial!

No magic…. No Myth!

If our family dislikes an item you will not see it here!

Cats and Dogs are our life…but we love all animals. Horses, Llamas, Alpacas, Rabbits…all! Many of the tools we offer bridge into uses outside our norm. We still offer you the same WARRANTY….Regardless! LIFETIME.(priceless)

If you find a tool that you highly recommend or a pet related accessory. Let us know. We TEST EVERYTHING! If we like it as much as you …. we will try to add it to our catalog. 

We are growing each month. The Ruff and Meow team…is true to its word. We are spending our time making the community of cats and dogs our top priority. We are supporting our local chapters of Humane Society. We donate tools and materials to better assist the efforts and time that volunteers and staff place into keeping homeless pets safe. You can help too. Adopt and support a pet that needs a forever home. the bond you make today…lasts a lifetime. Just ask any of our kids…they will tell you that there is no place like HOME!

Buy a Ruff and Meow grooming brush at retail price and we will offer you a nail clipping tool of your choice. We will even mail it to you for free. YHEP! FREE 

Buy Brush get clipper! Mailing both is FREE!

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