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The RMglovePro






  • Extremely Gentle Grooming Tool for all Pet Brushing
  • Light Duty Deshedding
  • Great Pet Massage Tool…Cats love this glove
  • Fits Loose and Comfortable on the hand
  • Washing Cloth
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

The Ruff and Meow Professional Grooming Glove is a fantastic grooming tool for daily brushing and shed control of your pet. We have not found any furry animal that did not benefit from the grooming glove. Cats, dogs, horses and all haired show animals will find benefits and enjoyment in the light well controlled touch you can offer with this grooming glove. It is the first and foremost used grooming tool in our professional pet practice.
All of our dogs line up for a brushing when they see the glove come out. Our cat, Noel, that usually hates a grooming will dance the flipping tail dance for the glove. Flip the glove over in your palm and the back becomes a wash cloth for the bathing and lathering of your pet. The front is a silicone textured pad that grips with your touch on the pet’s body. It is gentle when you are gentle and as you push into the stroke it will bear with your pressure. We love this tool at Ruff and Meow and offer it to you with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Our pet’s love it and we know you will too. We walk that walk…and boast our talk about our glove.



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