YES! We honestly love your donations

Ruff and Meow is a more than pet accessories. We are a mini sanctuary for some aging furry family. We spend much of our income keeping the kids safe and healthy and really love your donations. 

Currently Raising $55,000.00 for renovations

1000 Items each
5 Different Accessories
13 reasons to Donate
You get to KEEP the gift

Our Needs Include!

  1. Complete fence replacement
  2. Pool repair or replacement
  3. Landscape and soil erosion repair
  4. Storage building 
  5. Tree and bush hogging
  6. Service ramp installation
  7. Electrical improvements

How to Donate????

Buy any Ruff and Meow Dog and Cat Professional Grooming accessory. We sell through AMAZON and NEWEGG. Let us know you made the DONATION through our CONTACTS and we will send you a THANK YOU!

Our Permanent Staff

Cooper Gosselin

General Manager

I am Cooper Gosselin, fulltime resident at Ruff and Meow. Our needs seem many but one project at a time makes the list smaller and smaller with each completion. We would really like your help…Donate Now

Rachel Benefield

Business Agent

HI! I am Rachel. I grew up at Ruff and Meow as my former owner could not handle a puppy in the new home. Ruff and Meow staffers came to my rescue and I have a life long home where people need me. 

Harrison Winston Gosselin Jr, Jay for short is my name. I came from the Brownsville TX Animal Shelter where I was homeless after Hurricane Katrina. The staff at Ruff and Meow adopted me for a life long home. 

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